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Introducing Lisbon's Premier Gateway to Enhanced Connectivity. The First Open and Free Internet Exchange in Portugal

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What is LIS-IX?

LIS-IX, or Lisbon Internet eXchange, established in 2023, is designed to revolutionize the Internet exchange landscape in Portugal. As a neutral peering LAN, it facilitates direct interconnection among Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and entities with their own Autonomous Systems in the region.

By joining LIS-IX, members can significantly reduce their operational costs and enhance internet traffic efficiency by bypassing international routes for local data exchanges. This strategic interconnection boosts speed, reduces latency, and provides a robust platform for digital communications within Portugal.

Efficient Connectivity

Enhance your network's performance and reliability by connecting directly with local and regional internet service ecosystems.

Cost Reduction

Avoid the financial and operational costs associated with international data routing by leveraging local exchanges.

Improved Speed

By reducing the data travel distance, experience faster connection speeds and lower latency in your network.

Strategic Networking

Build valuable partnerships with key players in the internet and telecommunications sectors to enhance your service offerings.

Why Lisbon?

Lisbon's strategic position where major sea cables from Africa and South America land makes it an optimal choice for enhancing Europe's connectivity. As the gateway to two continents, Lisbon offers superior network efficiencies and faster connections.

By connecting through Lisbon, ISPs and CDNs can bypass traditional European hubs, reducing costs and latency for traffic to and from emerging markets. Lisbon's unique positioning is poised to make it a pivotal hub in global data routes.

Global Gateway

Lisbon as a prime intercontinental linking point facilitates quicker and more reliable data transfer across continents.

Economic Hub

Leverage Lisbon's economic growth driven by tech investments to scale operations and gain strategic market access.

Speed & Efficiency

Experience enhanced network performance and reduced latency, vital for real-time applications and services.

Cultural Connectivity

Engage with Lisbon's diverse cultural landscape, fostering innovation and collaboration in technology and beyond.

Exclusive Advantages of LIS-IX

Discover the unique features that make LIS-IX a leader in enhancing network performance and security in the internet exchange industry.

Advanced Monitoring

Gain unprecedented insight with real-time monitoring capabilities, including AS2AS traffic stats and route server filtering debug options.

Community Engagement

We thrive on community feedback and engagement, ensuring that our services evolve to meet your needs.

Innovative Blackhole Service

Protect your network with our cutting-edge blackhole filtering, directly integrated into the IX fabric for enhanced security.

Zero Packet Loss

Experience seamless data transmission with our state-of-the-art Arista switches to guarantee that your packets are delivered quickly.

Unmatched Reliability

Our infrastructure, housed in a Tier-III spec data center, offers robust redundancy and reliability.

Enhanced Security

Secure your network with our thorough route validation and static MAC entries to ensure precise delivery.